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Scott Williams is of, by and for the city and community of Wylie. He represents strong values of fiscal responsibility, conscientious governance and quality community growth. — Eric Boyd

I believe you are very qualified for this office!! — Monty Ross

I believe you are very qualified for this office!! — Monty Ross

I’m proud to endorse Scott Williams for Wylie City Council Place 4. As a current Council Member and Wylie Citizen, Scott is a Fiscal Conserative and will help find solutions to issues while still being a Fiscal Conservative. Scott's ability to help get things done is exactly why we need his leadership in Wylie. — David Duke

I met Scott when he was going door to door meeting the community. Scott was the only person running for city council that even bothered to come out to my neighborhood. It is obvious that Scott cares about our community. Scott is incredibly friendly, aligns with my issues and most importantly has the experience and know how to do good things for our city. Scott has my vote! — Austin Gregory

Scott will be the best choice for any conservative in the upcoming elections in May. Let's keep Wylie, Collin County, and Texas, red! — Chris Burten

Hello, Please come out and put a sign in our yard! We'd like to help get your name out. Thanks, Summer Hill — Summer Hill

God bless u, we need more ppl n govt to stand for the ppl. — Julie Zackery

Scott Williams is the kind of experienced, conservative leadership we need in Wylie. I am happy to endorse him for Place 4. Thank you for donating your time, Scott. — Charlotte Pickett

Scott, is someone you can depend on. He’s a “right is right” kind of guy, no matter the cost. He has a deep love for the City of Wylie. It’s a special place to live. I trust that Scott will always have Wylie’s best interest at heart and will do what’s right for our town and the people in it. — Donna Humphries

I have known Scott for over 12 years and he is an honest man who is willing to bend over backward and help anyone in need, just like he will do for Wylie. — TIFFANY KVALE

Go Scott Go! - Joe and Jessica Green — Jessica Green

I’ve watched Scott put others first for years. If there’s someone I’d trust for the future of our amazing town, it’s Scott! — Christopher Koehler

Kevin and Cherie Privett — Cherie Privett

Scott has a strong character and loves his community. I know in my heart that he will exhaust himself in efforts to provide strong and loving leadership to represent the citizens and community of Wyle. — Lee Williams

Scott is a strong family man. He is also very spiritual. My husband and I value his friendship. Scott has Wylie's best interest at heart . He's a man we can count on. He has our vote...we hope he has yours! — Karlene Reynolds

Very excited for you Scott. I know you will do a great job, in making Wylie,Texas one of the best places to live and raise a family. We need good honest people running our city. GOD BLESS YOU !!! — Bill Berthelot

Scott Williams is a dear friend of the family. He soo good for Wylie! Positive Christian business owner. Always good to see Scott and his wife Judy leading! — Ann Smith

I feel Scott will make a wonderful City Councilman and will fight for what is best for all citizens of Wylie. — Vicki Williams
Beaux Dyson
Cassie Dyson
Alton Dunn
Melissa Hill
Leslie Kajs
Daniel Stufft
Tyler New
Steve Reese
Tamra Franke
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Carolyn McCance
Andres Gonzalez
Angi Fischelli
Stuart McCoy
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Sammye Sessions
Yvonna (Kay) Cash
Melisa Whitehead
Kelly Weitzel
Malinda McEuen
Arlene Wangsness
Susie McCoslin ‘ Holley
Erika Hickman
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Mark Strauch
Michelle Gilliam
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Gina Katin
Gina Katin
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Kara Wallis
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Kelly Madry
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Karlene Reynolds
Gary Garcia
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Scott Williams For Wylie City Council Campaign
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